Thursday, 20 October 2016

Casa Cook Rhodes dreaming.

Imagine a kitchen with this aesthetic. Next house!


Casa Cook Rhodes - it might just have to be added to the holiday destination.

And the rest of this magical place is also pretty special. Take a look...





Wednesday, 29 June 2016

High Wattage Home!

I certainly don't know which room I love the most. The dining room is amazing as it the kitchen, bedroom, and lounge. Superb home of Naomi Watts and Leiv Schreiber in Manhattan. It is a perfect home for a family and the interior by Ashe and Leandro delivers on so many levels. It's warm, playful, compliments the character of the building.... but back to that dining room! One of my all time favourite homes. Maybe I could pop over for a cuppa when next in New York. :)

via Architectural Digest and images by Douglas Freidman.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Boom Gallery 'Green' Art Show

Super chuffed to be part of the 'Green' group show on at Boom Gallery in Geelong. It runs from June 9 - July 9, 2016 and as my art practice is all about the ocean and the seaweed we see in or around it, I was grateful to be asked to take part. But the best thing is how diverse all the works are from all the amazing artists. Enjoy!

Below is my work 'Surf Bloom Fan' and it is 60x60cm framed.

You can see all the works and details here.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Winning Hospitalilty Design

I'm not surprised this amazing hotel design by Arent & Pyke Interior Designers won Best Hospitality Interior in the Belle Magazine Coco Republic Interior Design Awards 2016. The fabulous design of the Alex Hotel in Perth Western Australia has so many layers of detail it's incredible. Bravo to Arent Pyke! (Who also won the Readers Choice Awards).

Arent&Pyke_Alex Hotel_01 0f 08_preview


Pictures by Anson Smart for Arent Pyke check it out

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Seaweed Love

Very chuffed to be featured in the Geelong Weekly Review over the weekend. Big thank you to Anna for her beautiful writing. 

It's great to share my love of the ocean and where I live with my art and designs. 

You can read the article here

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Floating Interior Dream

When you see an interior that just 'hits' you it truly is a magical moment for those of us that love design. Today this inskpiring interior did just that and... it's a barge. This is a beautifully refurbished barge in Hackney London and with its cool Scandi vibe, contemporary ceramics and Moroccan textures & patterns it really ticks many boxes. 

I can certainly see all these elements sitting perfectly in a beach house or surf shack. 

Congrats on the innovative and inspiring concept. Bravo.

Check it out Bert's Barge

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Perfecto in Ibiza, Spain

Today I'm loving this gorgeous home found via Pinterest which was published in Architectural Digest

The home is 400 years old and is found in Ibiza, Spain. The couple from New York fell in love at first sight (who wouldn't!). The textured and charm of the floors, walls and ceiling are just a perfect backdrop for their gorgeous selection of furnishings and art. Oh these floors are going to appear in one of my interiors one day soon!...Perfecto!