Sunday, 29 January 2012

Hot Inspirations!

It's been hot. Really hot in the sunny southern state of Victoria. I'm looking forward to a bit of relief from the heat so I can get out into the 'studio in the shed' set-up. Yes, my workspace is in the shed. It will be a lovely shed/studio when I can breathe for longer than 15 minutes. You never know what little gems will be whipped up once we get some weather relief. But before we head to the 'shed' one good thing about the long hot days is the trip to the beach to cool down. The colours are pure inspiration magic. The smoky blues and greys shown in my seaside snap above are a perfect fit for any coastal home. Here's some gorgeous products from Dunlin Home that would perfectly reflect the warmth and texture of the seaside.

If you're looking for a paint range to use for this type of colour palette you could try Bauwerk Paints as they have that smoky and warm appeal.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Milky and warm

This beautiful home located at Palm Beach, just north of Sydney, recently featured in the January/February edition of Inside Out magazine. The home belongs to artist and interior designer Anna Cayzer which would explain the beautiful attention to detail. The lightly toned concrete floors, minus the usual high polish and aggregate, really sets a mood that's both relaxing and beachy. The spaces are beautifully created with the use of milky white hues, raw timbers and natural fabrics. The 'pop' of colour is again subtle. More images are shown on Home Life. It's a ripper!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Bottled beauty

I understand that glass bottles have many downsides when it comes to selling commercial drinks in today's world ( I also fell victim to the benefits of plastic when working on packaging designs for drinks in a past life) but when you see these beautiful colours and markings you really must wonder what if. The magpie in me would love one, or maybe two, in every colour, tint and shape. But for now they must stay at the vintage store until I can find a way to bring you home. PS. Thanks to the bottle man also for the lovely conversation about bottles. I loved hearing about your bottled up passion for the simple bottle!

Monday, 23 January 2012

Giving it a go!

Bear with me. (just had to check the spelling of 'bear' or 'bare' as it would be very unusual to get that wrong!)

This is a new beginning. After just recently moving from Sydney to the Surf Coast in Victoria it's now time to enjoy and share all the things that inspire me.

First things first. This is Benny. He will be a regular visual contributor! I've been told I'm becoming a poodle woman, but I think I'm just normal. And he is a cavoodle, not just a plain poodle!